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Welcome to Gujarati Cultural Association of Bay Area

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Gujarati Cultural Association
A non-profit organization serving San Francisco Bay Area since 1979
We are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

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Event Pictures

Picnic 2013

Dhuleti Celebration 2013

Garba 1st night 2013

Garba 2nd night 2013

Garba 3rd night 2013

Garba 4th night 2013

Garba 5th night 2013

Garba 6th night 2013

Diwali Dinner 2013

Sankrant 2014


Ujjani - Summer Picnic

Garba 1st night 2012

Garba 2nd night 2012

Garba 1st& 2nd night 2012

Garba 3rd night 2012

Garba 4th night 2012

Garba 5th night 2012

Garba 6th night 2012




Cultural Program

Holi Garba

Sankrant - Pictures

Sankrant - Video

Ski Trip




Yatra Bus

Ujjani - Summer Picnic

Cultural Program

Navaratri Garba Sep. 12th

Volunteer @ GCA

GCA is your community and it needs your help in effectively organizing events and making it easy for all event participants for administration and event specific activities.  If you would like to help out for any of the following task, please reach out to GCA Board at